After 13 years as Head of the Referee Department at Norway Cup Jørn Thomas Smedsrud has stepped down and will be successed by Espen Kallerud

Jørn Thomas has done a fantastic job in Norway Cup over several years. Besides his 13 years in charge of the Referees he has also had several roles in the Referee Department. Before joining the organizing side he had many years as a referee and as an assessor. Jørn Thomas joined the Norwegian FA in April 2017 and will amongst other areas be responsible for the FA’s NORCORE training during Norway Cup so he will still be spending his days in week 31 at Ekeberg.

Jørn Thomas Smedsrud

Espen Kallerud, 31 years old, has been a part of the Referee Department for several years. The last years he has served as Jørn Thomas’ assistant and is well known both in Norway Cup and with the duties ahead.

Espen Kallerud

The Referee Department has many experienced members who will carry on with their duties and secure the continuity needed in such a big event.
The responsibility of the different areas of the department will remain in the hands of the same group of people as the last years. Rudi Martinsen will serve as the new Assistant Head of the Referee Department in addition to his responsibilites as Head of Assignments.

The 2017 Referee Department will have the following people in charge of their areas:
– Head of the Referee Dept: Espen Kallerud
– Assistant Head of the Referee Dept and Head of Assignments: Rudi Martinsen
– Head of Accomodation and Match operations: Martin Hayes
– Head of Assessors: Trond Johannessen