The Referee department will move back “home” in 2017

Brannfjell Skole

Because of construction work at Brannfjell School in 2016 the Referee Department and the accomodation of referees and assessors had to move to Holtet School

The work at Brannfjell School is finished and the referees will move back in 2017.
As neither Holtet nor Brannfjell has room for accomodating all referees we will still have to use the KFUM-hallen. With Brannfjell and KFUM-hallen located next to eachother the best solution will be to continue with Brannfjell as the main site for the Referee Department.

The construction work at Brannfjell school will propably give Norway Cup access to a few additional rooms as well as new sanitary facilities in each floor.