Norway Cup is the worlds largest youth soccer tournament and is held in Oslo, Norway. The tournament started in 1972 and has grown from the initial 420 teams to 2199 teams in 2016.

Each year approx. 400 referees from around 18 nations is officiating the tournament.

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As a referee in Norway Cup you will officiate 3-5 matches each day. In Norway Cup we have both 11-a-side, 9-a-side and 7-a-side matches. All referees must be prepared to officiate both as a main referee and as assistants.

Refereeing in Norway Cup is also known for its social aspect. Referees from all of Norway as well as from around 18 nations will meet during the week, and most referees will be accomodated at the same site.

Referees will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. The meals will be served at the designated Referee school.

Norway Cup is played at several sites around Oslo. There will be a transport service for referees which is to be used when officiating matches outside Ekeberg.

The assignments will be published day by day during the week. Each night the assignments will be published for next day and will be available both online and on display at the Referee school.

For information about specific areas such as directions and match fees please refer to the links below.